F.I.R.S.T Robotics: Team 1572 Hammer Heads!

"We are gonna nail the competition"

Team 1572 Mentoring Program

 Kearny gives back to the community by mentoring other teams that are apart of FIRST. We've mentored two teams in the FIRST LEGO League, The Dolphinbots from Jones Elementary and we are also aiding Cubberly Elementary's LEGO team by helping them get started. In 2010, We were awarded the Young Adult Mentor Award for aiding the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) team "The Dolphinbots" and they made it to the championships.

In our league, the FIRST Robotics Competition, we also help with other FRC teams. Fortunately for us we have our very own machine shop. We help the other teams by opening our machine shop to them and letting them use our machines to cut and make parts needed for their robot.  Also a few of our members reach out and mentor other FRC  teams when needed and asked upon. We inspired one of our former members who, unfortunately for us, had to change schools and started a team in Scripps Ranch. Another former student who is currently now a mentor aids other teams online and inspired a team in La Mesa.

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