F.I.R.S.T Robotics: Team 1572 Hammer Heads!

"We are gonna nail the competition"

What is Cogmation Robotics?

Cogmation develops simulations to test robots from building to real life situations. Cogmation Robotics has decades of combined experience developing robots and robotic control programs. Cogmation developers have competed in international robotics competitions, and are published authors for their work on robotic control and learning algorithms. Cogmation develops custom simulators for different robotic manufactures, like Kearny High School Robotics. Theyare involved in academic research projects, providing the tools needed, guiding the students, and helping them in development. Kearny High School is able to beta test a new program before it is released to the public. Cogmation creates state-of-the art robotic related software products along with services to help teachers, mentors and students, increase their understanding, knowledge & abilities with designing, building & prototyping 3D virtual robots, then testing & refining both tele-op and autonomous behaviors through vivid, 3D, physics enabled simulation. This program allows the teams to build, activate and simulate their robots in a pre-designed or custom environment of their choice before beginning the real robot construction and assembly stage.

Cogmation Robotics grew out of a desire to take the rocket science out of robotics and bring real world applications to non technical consumers, gamers, serious customers and robotic developers. Supported by strong practical experience, they are committed to the development of easy-to-use robots for everyday use and are passionate about expanding robotic technology to its full potential. RobotSim Pro is tailored for use in any industry supporting virtual robots, components and environments and RobotBuilder is a 3D design tool to create and customize virtual robots for use in RobotSim.

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